Parchment to the rescue!

Jeweler’s dilemma:  the words engraved inside tiny heart lockets are too small to read. The lines are so thin and shallow they can’t be filled with contrasting material. Paper isn’t water resistant and is too fragile. Is there a solution?   

Tada!  I discovered that parchment (animal skin, in this case from a sheep) with permanent black Sumi ink written using the tiniest crow quill pen met all the requirements. 

Except that each heart had to be tediously hand cut to fit inside the depression after it was lettered! 

Good thing I purchased the Optisight Magnifying visor at Paper & Ink Arts recently.


Calligraphic Play after Snow

My calligraphy class was cancelled by emails to the students several hours before class.  My car was covered with an inch of snow an hour before class.  But none of the students got the message, so they all showed up! But not me: I had been sent home an hour earlier.  The goofiness of the situation provided inspiration for this art. White inks, assorted markers and various pencils were used on black paper. Neuland shape letters. Even shiny silver snowflakes punched out of  paper were added at the end of my experimenting fun. Can you put these images in order from unified whole thru separation and development?  Did you notice how flakes blew in from the northeast and piled up?  How the “w” was blown out of position?  Photos only capture some of the qualities that appear in direct light. The sparkle and shimmer don’t show.

dual thoughts expressed

separated from the