The books of the Holy Bible

Because there have been a few corrections in the titles since I memorized the names of the books of the Catholic Bible in grade school. I decided to write the list and share it with members of Our Lady of the Lake Connect bible study.

I began with a rough plan in uncial because it was used during medieval centuries before the printing press, and because I love twisting the pen to design letters.


You can see that I proofed it with several thoughts: spelling corrections, decision to slightly enlarge the first letter since uncial does not have upper case letters, modifying individual letters for a more artistic design, and inspection to improve spacing for a consistent presentation.

It’s off to the printer tomorrow for reduction into a bookmark size – probably 6 to an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet.


Papyrus Awards Pesented in Italy

PapyrusAwardsPennInsurance (5)


PapyrusAwardsPennInsurance (3) PapyrusAwardsPennInsurance (6)


PapyrusAwardsPennInsurance (13)

PapyrusAwardsPennInsurance (25)




How to begin?  Once sufficient information exists to plan, I start writing the words to get a sense of the space needed.

I begin to explore what the overall shape each element will become.

For example, all upper case letters always make a rectangular shape.  The tails and ascenders in lower case spread out, up and down into unique areas.

Rough drafts of the entire information come next. I don’t concern myself with centering, still just an overall feel for what the text will do.


Some of my recent work- scrapbook page for a client; Green Hills Library exhibit; my “S” from Lyrical Lombardics workshop with Harvest Critteneden, Boy Scout Badge display



CurvePageLayoutSparklePath CurvePageLayoutDetailBoyScoutBadgeDisplay (3)

Easter Greeting

Experiment with masking fluid and chalk pastels

Creative Illuminated Letters

My S among other students’ illuminated letters

Green Hills Library exhibit

My calligraphy in Green Hills Library exhibit – May, Nashville, TN

Wall Calligraphy “Our Habits Make Us”

Calligraphy finished to the perfect smile of my satisfied dentist

Calligraphy finished to the perfect smile of my satisfied dentist

paper layout beneath painted words

Latin Prayer with Decorative Initials

Lots of calligraphic activity developing here in my studio.OrationesLatinPrayer1

Dancing Pirates

In under 24 hours I received a TREASURE MAP and lettered this imaginative invitation on the back. What a memorable way to ANCHOR a PIRATE to SHIP out, and not BOTTLE up a dream in a BOX!