Chenille Quilt

Clearly this is not calligraphy, but sewing has been a favorite activity since I designed clothing for my Barbie doll. This 36″ baby quilt I sewed is soft as can be.

Sewing strips of a specially made bias cotton tape results in lines of soft fuzz after washing.  So easy to do.  Don’t you love the result?  At market we saw darling pillows, quilts, textured wall hangings, scarves and other wearables.

Watch for more sewing arts projects as I will be teaching this and other innovative art classes at Donna Sandidge’s Fabric & Fiber Shop in Springfield, TN.

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About Carol

A professional calligrapher for 30 years, I have hand written calligraphy in every size from business card to banners, including a full size reproduction of the U.S. Constitution. I specialize in Copperplate and elegant calligraphy for celebrations and parties. I stumbled into this art when my professor at Washington University told me "You could make money lettering." This was quite a surprise, as I had not seen any specific use of my talents beyond teaching children. As a result of designing my wedding stationery clients magically appeared. Balancing a family of four children and two big dogs with Bruce, my artistic time and available energy have varied considerably thru the years. Now I am happy to report that calligraphy is at the top of my activity list.

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