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Bringing your vision into physical reality may involve lettering a special message or verse and placing it on a colored background to convey the mood of your special gift.  Perhaps I will be addressing envelopes for your wedding using romantic flourishes and glossy black ink. An entwined three initial monogram may be the design you want me to create for thank you stationery.
Or your project may be as straightforward as completing a certificate with names and dates.

My photo gallery will introduce you to a variety of styles or “hands.” (Hand is the calligrapher’s word for “font.”)  Many are classic hands such as Copperplate, Chancery Cursive Italic and Uncial (in use centuries before the printing press was invented), while others are custom alphabets written to match a specific wedding invitation font. It is helpful if you have an idea of which “hand” might be your favorite, but I will guide you through the entire process of choosing the details.

If you plan a complex, unique art, the cost will be estimated when I fully understand what you want written.
The size may be as large as the four page U.S. Constitution, or as tiny as reception place cards.  Complex or simple, you receive my best work and full attention, delivered within your timeframe.
Information here will provide an idea of standard fees for jobs such as addressing envelopes.
Of course I am happy to answer all your questions as we develop the particulars of your project.

I look forward to working with you to design your personal calligraphic art.

Pricing for Envelopes, Escort Cards, and Place Cards

Hand Lettering StyleOuter Envelope, 3 linesInner Envelope, Place Card or Escort Card
3 Line AddressFirst Name onlyFull Name, 4th Address Line
Basic Breezy and Monoline $2.50 - $3.50$0.75 - $1.25$1.00 - $2.00
slim BREEZY upright026 monoline GOLD ink copperplate address monoline GOLD copperplate address

Curly , Flourished Breezy and Custom Monoline$3.25 - $3.50$1.00 - $1.25$1.25 - $2.00
monoline Curly Upright022 BREEZY BIG flourishes address BREEZY wide flourishes address
Copperplate written with an old time metal nib dipped in ink$4.50$1.25$2
MediumCopperplate gray address Thin Copperplate black address BOLD upright Copperplate address Slim Copperplate gold ink on red address
Custom or flourished pointed pen style$5.50 - $6.00$2.25$2.75
TALL Copperplate black014 Pointed Pen variation address
Italic lettering written with a broad edge pen$3.25 - $3.75$1.00 - $1.25$1.75
neat ITALIC address IMG_4039 MEDIUM upright Copperplate
Block or Uncial lettering $4.00$1.50$2.50
monoline PRINT Roman CAPS address monoline script and PRINT address

2 Replies to “Services & Pricing”

  1. Hi Carol, I am hoping to have 2 poems that my husband wrote for me sometime ago printed in calligraphy so that I could frame them. They have been framed and are so faded, they can barely be read. I would be happy to send you the texts so you can see what I am talking about. They are each between 3 and 5 verses (I think!), so they are relatively short. They are currently printed on 8-1/2 x 11″ paper. I am interested in a hand that is easy to read with a few flourishes.

    Can you let me know if you would be interested in doing such a job? I am not in a big hurry. I will be happy to email you the text, if you are interested. I, of course, would also
    Ike to know what it would cost.

    1. My apologies, Carol, WordPress has been a frustrating challenge to get into my page. Finally today I think it is working.
      If you are still interested, yes I would be happy to letter the poems for you. I need to view the text and understand exactly how you want them to look before I can give a price quote. Please phone/text me directly at 314-341-0017 or send photos of what you have to me at Thanks for your patience!

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