Some of my recent work- scrapbook page for a client; Green Hills Library exhibit; my “S” from Lyrical Lombardics workshop with Harvest Critteneden, Boy Scout Badge display



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Easter Greeting

Experiment with masking fluid and chalk pastels

Creative Illuminated Letters

My S among other students’ illuminated letters

Green Hills Library exhibit

My calligraphy in Green Hills Library exhibit – May, Nashville, TN

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About Carol

A professional calligrapher for 30 years, I have hand written calligraphy in every size from business card to banners, including a full size reproduction of the U.S. Constitution. I specialize in Copperplate and elegant calligraphy for celebrations and parties. I stumbled into this art when my professor at Washington University told me "You could make money lettering." This was quite a surprise, as I had not seen any specific use of my talents beyond teaching children. As a result of designing my wedding stationery clients magically appeared. Balancing a family of four children and two big dogs with Bruce, my artistic time and available energy have varied considerably thru the years. Now I am happy to report that calligraphy is at the top of my activity list.

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